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Macro Strategists, Fixed Income Portfolio Managers, FX Traders, Portfolio Strategists, Rates Analysts, Equity Strategists

Recruiting Since 2011

Since inception Arbitrage Search has recruited over 300 Economists, Macro Portfolio Managers, FX Strategists, Fixed Income Strategists, Asset Allocation Analysts, Quants and similar. Founded by a former Economist who still programs in Python and Julia we offer an unmatched technical insight into the sector and ability to screen candidates.

Globally Renowned

We have recruited into more than 20 different countries, including placements cross country and continent. Our hedge fund clients manage from $500m to $15bn+, our banking clients have global footprint, and our consultancy clients have used us to help fulfill their global growth.

Why Macro Specialists?

There are synergies in candidate moves from Economics to FX and Strategy and occasionally into portfolio management. At the inception of Arbitrage Search, most headhunters were buy or sell-side specialists and this didn’t make sense to us, and very few equity analysts cross over into macro strategy.

The Macro Specialists


Hedge Fund clients always want the top of the top-performers. Challenges can be with convincing candidates to move to higher risk careers, or in finding people who can consistently outperform consensus. We have worked with over 20 macro funds, including many $10bn+ highly regarded in global macro.


Economists who can navigate the demands of clients, with strong communication skills and fast turnaround of research. We have worked with over a dozen different global banks in London and beyond.


Some of our global economic consultancies have tripled in size since our partnership began. Here we source not just economists using strong technical interviews, but also salespeople who can manage a complex consultative sales process into large clients.


We have helped asset managers with single hires, all the way to team re-designs, market mapping etc. When your sector is hot, or investment consultants have specific demands, it is useful to know how other teams are shaped.

From team builds to junior hires and global searches:

10 Year Track Record in Search

Within our niche the search aspect is often highly technical, for example finding an inflation specialist to work in London who also speaks German, or a RMB Portfolio Manager with quant modelling skills. Sometimes it is a softer skill, such as a sell-side economist with a strong client base.

After ten years in this field our database of over 25,000 Macro PMs and Economists has highly specialized data. Language skills: German, Mandarin, French…
Modelling skills: R, MatLab, Python, Eviews, ML…
Sector experience: Equities, FI, FX, commodities…
Fund Performance & Investment style characteristics. Importantly, new candidates often reach out to us first because we are well known and trusted in this field.

We can produce retained search quality results in half the time as the network is already in place.

Our Retained Searches can include market maps,

competitor intelligence and supporting research on how to engineer team moves, or structure new teams.

Specialised in Macro

From inception we focused on recruiting Economists and Strategists and have grown that to include Quants, Sales, Trading and Portfolio Managers.

We have recruited into half of the worlds top 10 hedge funds & asset managers and also work with new launches.

Retained & Contingent Search on a case by case basis


Chris Apostolou

Former Economist & Credit Analyst at JPMorgan, Mizuho Bank, New Bond Street Asset Management, Chris started Arbitrage Search in 2011.


Rick Robinson

As a journalist Rick built many of the same skills in seeking out information that he has used in his 12 year career as a headhunter. He has been with Arbitrage since 2014